Retail Energy Providers (REPs) & Community Solar

Genie Retail Energy’s provider companies offer electricity and natural gas to residential and commercial customers and to municipalities in deregulated energy markets throughout the United States. With the added benefit of Community Solar’s guaranteed savings opportunities, with NO ROOF REQUIRED!

Thanks to energy deregulation, consumers have the power to choose their energy supplier. GRE companies procure electricity and natural gas from the wholesale commodities markets, reselling those commodities to residential and small to large commercial customers.

A host of programs are available, including flexible variable rate offers with special enrollment incentives, rebates and rewards. Fixed rate plans designed to provide peace of mind and budget certainty are also available to help consumers sidestep energy market volatility. Community Solar offers additional incentives that guarantee savings on electric supply, without the need for equipment or panels installed on premise. Added value service offerings, including home security, appliance warranty, personal electronics protection and identity theft protection programs are also available.

GRE Markets Served