Energy Innovation for a Secure World


  • 05/16/2012 Oil Shale Companies Tout Research Projects

    Associated Press newsman Paul Foy writes about AMSO's approach after a presentation by AMSO's CTO, Dr. Alan Burnham, during an unconventional fuels conference in Salt Lake City.

  • 12/12/2011 Boak: Oil shale development requires thoughtful, careful dialogue

    Jeremy Boak, Director of the Center for Oil Shale Technology and Research at the Colorado School of Mines, in Golden, CO, is a respected commentator on oil shale and organizer of the School's annual oil shale symposium. Here is his op-ed delineating his v

  • 06/29/2011 Jackpot! Israel on Cusp of Energy Revolution

    CBN reports that IEI's work on Israel's huge oil shale resource (250 billion barrels) and recent natural gas find off its coast could bring energy independence to Israel, fundamentally strengthening its strategic position in the Middle East.